Thanks 5-20-2016

Hello from Afghanistan!!!!!! I’m 1SG Barksdale (Top or Tim) and I’m the First Sergeant of the 42nd Clearance Company stationed here in Afghanistan. I am the TOP Senior Enlisted member in the Company so that is where the nick name “TOP” comes from. I have been in the Military 23 years, 4 years in the United States Marine Corps and 19 years In the United States Army. I am married with five kids, four boys (ages 29,26,24,23 and one girl 28). I have one Grandson who just turned 3 and lives with me and my wife. I am from Chicago, IL and my wife is from Cameron, TX but we are stationed in Fort Knox, KY. I have a Company of around 100 Soldiers here and all packages sent is shared with all Soldiers. We are so thankful for you caring enough to take time out of your day and write, pray and send us care packages. For most of my Soldiers this is their first deployment and for some the longest that they have been away from home. With all of your support, really makes the time here go by easier. It feels good to know that we have the support of people back home along with our families. Receiving packages and letters with some comforts of home means so much to us. We really do appreciate all of your support and all that you do for all Military members.

P.S. Is it okay for me to give my Soldiers your address so that they can write you and say thank you for all that you do?

Thank you and God Bless you.

Timothy M. Barksdale
42nd Clearance Company
BAF, Afghanistan

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