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We are friends, neighbors, and a community sending care packages to our American troops deployed to combat zones. We are a 501c3 nonprofit public charity. We are all volunteers.

Thanks to all of the wonderful supporters over the last 9 years our organization has continued to grow. We are committed to send care packages as long as we have means and the need is there.

We pack and mail boxes monthly to 50-80 individuals. Troop names that are deployed to combat zones are given to the group and we support that person until his or her deployment ends. Items to be sent are donated or purchased with donated funds. Postage costs are approximately $1200 monthly.

Names can be given to us of deployed troops to combat zones on this site by going to “sign up” or e-mailing. We need their full address, where they are deployed and approximate return date along with your contact information.

Letting them know we care is our mission.


Rockport, TX

(across from Bakery Cafe & west of Rockport Abstract & Title)

PO Box 742
Rockport, TX 78381-0742

For info contact Carla @ 361-438-0540

Coastal Bend Troop Support, Inc. a 501C3 nonprofit public charity organization sending care packages to our American Heroes deployed to combat zones was formed on Feb. 4, 2010.

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