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Looking for sponsors and attendees

LFH: America’s Bombshell Duo: Join Courtney Groves & Erinn Diaz for a show completely in the spirit and style of the 40’s. Their incredible singing harmonies, charming personalities and phenomenal energized tap dancing will have you rolling in the aisles with laughter and reviving you with patriotic passion!

  • You will be dazzled with tap dancing.
  • Your memories will be filled with song.
  • You will be charmed by charisma and personality.
  • ​Your hearts will be touched forever with patriotism.





About Letters From Home

In 2010, Letters From Home was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the show is now one of the fastest growing musical performances in the United States..

Erinn Diaz hosts and directs three incredible shows, (“America’s Bombshell Patriot“, “America’s Bombshell Duo” and “The Patriot & Friends“).  Letters From Home started at the suggestion of Pat Dearth, Erinn’s father, who was a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. With their mission to honor veterans, active military and their families by reviving patriotism for all generations, Letters From Home has toured in over 35 states, and on cruise ships. In 2017. a documentary on Letters From Home, produced by David Hardy for OurState Television won the Emmy Award for Best Magazine Documentary.

The show is performed in theaters, for air shows, cruise ships, schools, patriotic celebrations, schools, military bases, VA hospitals, VFWs, American Legions and many other venues, all under the management of Nelson Diaz. Additionally, Letters From Home produces The American Story Project, a podcast with interviews of veterans and those who have been effected by patriotism.

THE MISSION OF LETTERS FROM HOME is to travel the country, honoring our nation’s veterans, active military heroes and their families by Reviving Patriotism through music.

Sponsorship Levels and Contact info

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Our Entertainment was and still is “Letters From Home” but now instead of a fundraiser for Coastal Bend Troop Support it will be an open concert for our communities that have been so devastated by Harvey. A free show.

I am again trying to get sponsors, a new venue as the Martha Luigi  Auditorium (RFHS) is not available, will need other things now such as a stage, sound system, lighting, chairs, tent, RV for changing of outfits, things for an outdoor show.

Needless to say I need help.

This was going to be a show of “Giving Thanks USO Style” because it is a week after Veterans Day and a week before Thanksgiving.  Giving Thanks for our communities, our Country and the people that make it great and those that came to help, the out pouring of love and consideration for others.  Yes, we have so much to be thankful for.

I got the mail yesterday for CBTS.  We got a bill (blah), a donation (yay) and one of the most heartwarming letters from a Marine (tears).  I will try to get a picture of it to send but I have to warn you it is hard to read for a couple of reasons, first he writes really small and second he made a point to let us know how much these packages mean to those so far away from home fighting the war on terror. Letter will be later, gotta find a new way to send them. My right hand lady, Jimmie Kelly has damage at her home and is staying with her son.

So you see as much as I have debated to just close CBTS these past few weeks I just can’t because this letter came yesterday.  The box was not addressed to him but as you all know they share what they get.  He was going through the box for lip dew and in the bottom was one of our letters to our Military.  Some of you might not know but we make sure we have a letter in each box to let them know we care and that is what he found.  He said he really needed it that day. He really needed to know we are there for him and others.

We do have damage at the Market St location that I am hoping gets repaired but the Laurel St location is a total loss.

Hugs, Love and Prayers for you all,




  • Start a peer support group
  • Offer a meal once a week, or often as possible
  • Be a friend and let them know you care

We are a non-profit organization.  Your donation will be tax deductible.

Thank You For Supporting our Troops!

Items needed for packing our boxes sent to our troops still deployed overseas, in individual packs:

  • Beef Jerky, tuna in the pouch
  • Breakfast bars, energy bars
  • Nuts, Sunflower seeds, corn nuts
  • Peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers
  • Gum, regular and sugar free
  • Drink mixes with electrolytes for 16 oz. bottled water

Send donations to:
Coastal Bend Troop Support, Inc
PO Box 742
Rockport, TX 78381-0742

Coastal Bend Troop Support and/or John Kroll do not host meetings as advisers or counselors but simply as group meeting facilitators.


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