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Who We Are

Giving back to our troops.

After years of friends and neighbors sending care packages to our troops deployed to combat zones, it was decided that if we were to continue we needed to incorporate and form a public charity.

When we started 16 years ago we made the commitment to send care packages as long as we had the means and the need was there. Both are still prevalent and we are continuing. That commitment is still strong.

We pack and mail boxes monthly to approximately 50 individuals. Troop names are given to the group and we support that person until his or her deployment ends. Items to be sent are donated or purchased with donated funds. Postage costs are over $1500 monthly.

Names can be given to us of deployed troops on this site by e-mailing. We need their full address, where they are deployed and approximate return date along with your contact information.

Image by Robert Linder
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"Been on the recieving end of these goody boxes.... you have no idea how much it means to get a few comforts from home."

-Charles R. Mason

Our Mission

Letting them know that we care!

Our fighting men and women do not have the same luxuries we do back here in the states. Sending these packages boosts their morale and most importantly lets them know we care.

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